7 Reasons for your Content to be Regionalised

Until a couple of years back, Ramesh had to type his messages using an English keyboard due to a lack of keyboard in his regional language, Marathi. But ever since the introduction of Marathi Keyboard on his phone, he is far more happy and comfortable.

According to a research, there are a total of 483 million Internet users in India, out of which only 125 million people speak English. This figure very well justifies why vernacular marketing is the need of the hour. Here I am pointing out 7 reasons why you should opt for Vernacular Marketing-

  1. Reaching your clients in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities:-

Rural India witnessed a sudden spurt in its internet users in the year 2018-19. The majority of users in tier II and III cities prefer reading content in their regional languages. 

As said by Nelson Mandela, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart”. So, keeping your goal in mind, you should create your content in the regional language of the city you are planning to build audience network.

2. The early bird catches the worm:-

The rise of vernacular content is inevitable in the field of digital marketing. So, the companies which start adapting the use of regional languages sooner would witness better results towards their campaign. Taking an early start in the race would not only increase your chance of giving your company a different selling point but also let you understand the basic demands of the clients. 

3To Gain the trust of indigenous:-

Publishing articles in the native language promotes the feeling of genuineness among clients. Finding content in their language makes them feel secure while making deals. In India, people tend to make their conclusions based on the site of manufacturing or management. For example, they have no faith in Chinese products when it comes to electronics. But if they get to know that the company they are dealing with is using the native language as their mode of communication, they might feel secure in terms of services and management. 

4. Brands need to think local:-

Studies have proved the fact that publishing videos, photos, and gifs in local languages tend to bring more leads to your website. You need to bring creativity in your content with the touch of the native language. Even if your company deals at a macro level in different states, you can bifurcate your marketing team into different fragments, each targeting one of the regional languages of the State. Doing such will also make it easier for you to analyse the marketing demographics of your company in detail.

5. To Promote better understanding:-

As we are well aware of the fact that most of the users, devoid of English skills find it difficult to understand the basic purpose of the content. Therefore, spotting a content in their native language online highlights it peculiarly out of millions of unwanted English content. No wonder how many ads you are running on Google, Facebook or Instagram, unless your client is familiar with the language, it is the sheer wastage of funds.

6. To Promote Engagement with clients:- 

Creating content in native languages increases the probability of client interaction on your portal. Most of the time, the clients who are even interested to deal with your company hesitate in reaching out to you because of the hesitation due to language barriers. However, if you provide them with the content in their regional language, you are most probably prone to witness a sudden rise in the dealings in the local region.

7. To increase the organic circulation of the content:-

Messaging platforms like Whatsapp, Messenger and Hike are solely responsible for the spreading of any viral content. Imagine you post an article in the morning and not touch your phone until the evening when you find the content you wrote a few hours ago has already gone viral. It could have been a nightmare back in the 2000s but now it’s all possible, thanks to social media. 

People find it convenient to share things with friends and family only when they can understand every word of the writing. Creators of such viral content are well aware of the fact that knitting the phrases in readers favourite language would make it easier for them to perceive the context and forward it to their loved ones. 


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